Sigma Enterprises forms a representation agreement with SIXENSE to provide advanced Energy solutions in the UAE Market

"Sigma Enterprises," a leading Emirati provider of Energy Solutions and Technology provider and one of Mazrui Energy's operational companies, is expanding its portfolio in digitization solutions through an exclusive representation partnership agreement in the UAE with "Sixense," a subsidiary of Soletanche Freyssinet (part of VINCI Group).

The partnership alliance will focus on the joint development specialties in Engineering, Monitoring, Mapping, and Platform solutions in the UAE Energy Market, particularly in the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors

As part of their expertise, in this agreement Sixsense, will provide the technical service delivery which will include the surveillance, diagnosis, and modeling capabilities that will measure the pulse of physical assets in order to better understand and sustain the operational performance of the target energy sector operators throughout their life cycle.

While Sigma Enterprises will be carry-out the local representation as the sole right to introduce Sixense's fully integrated solution in monitoring, consultancy, workplace digitization, and data management to optimize and sustain the infrastructure of the UAE's important national and international energy operating companies.

For more than three decades, Sigma Enterprises has been one of the market's leading regional partners with in-depth industry experience in providing technical operational excellence in the UAE market, with over 80 national, regional, and multinational brands represented locally, and the partner of choice for the Energy Sector's key stakeholders to supply energy solutions and technology.

Sixense was founded in 2016 and is comprised of nine [9] firms, some of which have been in operation for almost 25 years. Two [2] additional companies have since joined the organization. These eleven [11] companies have joined forces and focused their efforts on four [4] areas of expertise:

  • Engineering: Specialized engineering
  • Monitoring: Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Mapping: Existing structure digitization
  • Platform Solutions: Software and process digitization solutions

Sixense is committed to support the country’s unique challenges in the energy sector by bringing our unique solutions. This strategic partnership with Sigma Enterprises will enable Sixense to support their clients throughout the life cycle of their assets, during the design, construction, operations, and dismantling phases. Quoting Jean-Christophe Monneret, Sixense Middle East General manager: "Together, Sixense and Sigma will implement the highest standards in Engineering, Monitoring and Digitalisation of existing assets in the energy industry."

On this agreement, Olaf Grimm, General Manager of Sigma said, "One of our strategic goals at Sigma Enterprises is to support the domestic market with the latest and advanced Energy Solutions to enable the industry's stakeholders to perform efficiently and sustainably. Our strategic partnership with Sixense will allow us to introduce in the UAE energy sector market the advanced digitization solutions that will strengthen our portfolio whilst align with UAE’ strategic vision."

In 2021, Sigma Enterprises and Sigma Engineering (Mazrui Energy Services Operating businesses) formed a joint venture called "NUVIA-SIGMA" with NUVIA, another Soletanche Freyssinet company (part of VINCI Group) to provide advanced engineering solutions to the nuclear energy sector.