PPC Kuwait LMP Successful Commissioning

Mazrui Energy’s drilling fluids solutions operating company, Petrochem Performance Chemicals [PPC] recently had a successful commissioning in their Kuwait LMP facility.

When opening the Petrochem Performance Chemicals [PPC] Liquid Mud Plant in December 2019 to support the newly awarded Kuwait Oil Company [KOC] contract, PPC was servicing 3 drilling rig operations and 4 workover rigs, for the build and supply of drilling fluids.

Over the past two and a half years, PPCs operational excellence has been recognized by KOC, and now this number of rigs supported has increased to 9 drilling and 19 workover rigs. To accommodate this continued growth of PPC work volume in Kuwait, it was necessary to expand our operational facility from a 10,000bbl to a 15,250bbl capacity. The additional 7 x 750bbl tanks were fabricated, installed and commissioned in June of 2022.

Congratulations to the outstanding team in Kuwait and may you continue to be the ‘flagship’ not only of PPC operations, but of KOC’s also.